Read This Before Expanding Your Business Globally - Hiring the Right Translation Company

Read This Before Expanding Your Business Globally - Hiring the Right Translation Company

The world has become a smaller place, businesses go around the world seeking for potential clients country by country for which employing a translation service becomes more and more common and important. Some People have tried to translate / localize their marketing documents themselves or using some free translation software like Google translate, they might be excited at first as they might think learning a foreign language has never been so easy until they found their sales dropped greatly. People tend to have a wrong mind of how English has "widely" been used as the "international language" but in fact it is not. There are still lots of countries not using English as their "commercial" language and these countries are accounted for almost half of the world's population. Therefore, to conduct any businesses in these parts of world, you will always need the help of a qualified and reliable translation company

Translation Companies provide you professional languistic servicessuch as Translation, Desktop Publishing, Copywriting, Editing & Proofreading, Publishing, etc...all these services offer you a chance to access to a foreign market without stepping into any taboos. 

It is very important to choose your service provider carefully or else it may lead to a disaster - risk your business's reputation. Here is the Golden Rule -- Higher price better quality, cheaper rate you will "pay later" -- especially when you are hiring a translation company for translating some technical papers (of course I am talking about a reasonable price). Doing such kind of translation requires sufficient industrial terminologies (Jargons), and more is one's working experiences as a layman won't get it done well.

How to Find a Good Translation Company Effectively?

1) Try to go to their website, find out their company history. Also, try not to hire a translation company if their website just asked you to upload documents and pay without an account manager / sales-representative serving you, they are just simply an agency without any QC / QA.

2) Never hire a translation company if its price rate is listed or posted on the website, it is just a promotion gimmick. Normally you won't know the price until getting their official quotation. There is never a fixed price for linguistic works as the type and complexity of documents vary. 

3) Do not fear to hire a foreign translation company e.g. Hong Kong​ as their rates are usually cheaper and the service quality is good as well. All their staff are able to speak at least 2 languages ( 2 different language systems e.g. English and Chinese), so no doubt you can communicate with them clearly what you want in your service.

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